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Soothing Crystals

Citrine Beads Mala Bracelet,108 Prayer Beads Necklace

Citrine Beads Mala Bracelet,108 Prayer Beads Necklace

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💛 HANDMADE Gorgeous Citrine Crystals 108 Prayer Bead Meditation Mala.💛 💕Wearing a mala bracelet is believed to enhance spiritual growth, promote peace, and provide a tangible reminder of one's spiritual path throughout the day. It serves as a portable source of comfort and grounding, fostering a sense of inner peace and mindfulness in daily life

Features: 💎Gemstone : Citrine 💎 Bead Size: 8mm. 💎 Mala Size : 34 inches. 💎Charms : Flower of Life 🔹Flower of Life symbolizes : The cycle of creation and the interconnectedness of all life, Spiritually, the symbol can be used as a focus for attaining a sense of enlightenment and the awareness of peace. 🔹Promotes Mindfulness: Wearing this mala bracelet serves as a reminder of one's spiritual journey, fostering inner peace and mindfulness throughout the day. 🔹Thoughtful Gift: Makes a meaningful present for loved ones who value meditation, spirituality, or holistic well-being.

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